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Unlocking the Power of Hydrogen

Fuel Production Process

Learn how hydrogen is created and used as a clean fuel source though exploring the production process. 


Hydrogen is produced through electrolysisthe process by which an electrical current is used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen atoms. By using electricity sourced from clean energy solutions such as solar or wind, hydrogen can be produced in large quantities without a carbon footprint.  


The oxygen that is produced as part of the process is vented to atmosphere, the hydrogen is then sent to a compressor. A high-efficiency compressor pressurizes the fuel to 10,000psi or 700Bar. The fuel is stored in fiberglass tanks awaiting use. 


Unlike conventional liquid fuels, hydrogen is dispensed based on pressure. Once a vehicle requests fueling, the hydrogen passes though pressure regulators, reducing the pressure to that required for fueling. 

Power Production

Fuel Cells reverse the generation process, passing oxygen from the air with hydrogen though the cell plates to produce an electrical current. This power is then used to power the vehicle, machine or generator as needed. 



Using this process, hydrogen is utilized as an energy source in FCVs. There is virtually no limit on its uses from light-use vehicles to busses to heavy transport trucks. 




For the benefits of Fuel Cell Technologies to be utilized on a global scale, an adequate hydrogen fueling network is necessary. 


Through a system designed with both efficiency and scale in mind, we are working to expand the current network to make hydrogen fuel widely accessible. 

Key Aspects of Our Network
Maintaining capacity to rapidly expand the network through engineering and design solutions. 
Adapting to various different applications with minimal to no modifications needed. 
Maintaining  competitiveness from both an economic and energy usage standpoint.  

The Future of Hydrogen

Beyond just vehicles, we believe that fuel cell technology will be pivotal in many different sectors for a rapid transition to clean energy sources. 

Hydrogen can be applied in aviation, rail transport, home energy needs, grid energy storage systems and much more. 

Hydrogen Fuel Sectors


Rail Transportation

Heating Fuel

Large-scale grid applications

Sectors and applications in which hydrogen fuel cell technology is being explored for its potential benefits. 

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