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Energy retrofits are energy efficiency upgrades made to existing dwellings and commercial structures. These changes involve replacing older technology with new energy equipment geared towards reducing electrical and heating fuel consumption.  

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Furnace Flames


Heating and air conditioning accounts for a significant percentage of a home's energy usage. Upgrading your HVAC system to a modern unit can yield gas and electrical savings of up to 30%

Insulation Installation


Insulation found in walls, attics and basements helps prevent the transfer of heat between the inside and outside of a building. Increasing insulation results in the average savings of 15%. 

Hanging Lamps


 LED lights use just a fraction of the power as older model incandescents, often while producing more light. Replacing all lights and light fixtures with LED lighting technology can result in yearly savings of up to $900. 

Home Renovation


As homes get older, the overall air-tightness of a home degrades. This results in a significant loss of efficiency that can affect even will insulated homes. Improving air-tightness includes sealing windows, doors, vents, etc. 



Windows affect a homes energy efficiency though their insulating ability and the amount of radiant solar heat they allow in. Installing more efficient windows can result in yearly savings between $200 to $500. 

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Energy Audit 

Energy efficiency audits are inspections that help you determine the biggest inefficiencies within your building to determine the repairs and upgrades that will result in the most savings. This service is recommended, especially for older homes and buildings that may have many vectors of inefficiency. 


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